Draymond Green Fully Committed to the Warriors


Draymond Green wants to spend his entire career with the Golden State Warriors.

“I am committed to being here,” Green says.

The All-Star forward took less money in order for the Dubs to land Kevin Durant, and will be looking to cash in as a free agent in 2020.

Per The Athletic (via B/R):

“I knew everything that was going on—I knew how much money we had, I knew our books, I knew what we’d have next year, I knew what the cap would be, I knew what was the most I could take, I knew what the max was,” Green said. “I knew everything. Then I made my decision. That’s how it should be.”

The 28-year-old Michigan State product understands the Warriors have some key decisions on the horizon with Klay Thompson becoming a free agent in 2019 and Durant staring at an opt out in June, followed by the end of his own contract in 2020.

“I want to be here a long time,” he said. “I want to spend my career here. I am committed to being here.”

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