Every College Football Team's Longest Play 2018-19 Season ᴴᴰ

In this video, I put together a compilation of every Power 5 college football team’s longest play of the 2018-19 season.

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20 thoughts on “Every College Football Team's Longest Play 2018-19 Season ᴴᴰ”

  1. 0:15 Alabama
    0:34 Arizona
    0:52 Arizona St
    1:07 Arkansas (69 lol)
    1:21 Auburn
    1:37 Baylor
    1:53 Boston College
    2:14 Cal
    2:29 UCLA
    2:46 Clemson
    3:06 Colorado
    3:23 Duke
    3:43 Florida
    4:00 Florida St
    4:21 Georgia
    4:40 Georgia Tech
    4:58 Illinois
    5:18 Indiana
    5:35 Iowa
    5:49 Iowa St
    6:05 Kansas
    6:22 Kansas St
    6:36 Kentucky
    6:55 LSU
    7:11 Louisville
    7:32 Maryland
    7:46 Miami
    8:06 Michigan
    8:27 Michigan St
    8:43 Minnesota
    9:00 Ole Miss
    9:15 Mississippi St
    9:34 Missouri
    9:52 Nebraska
    10:10 North Carolina
    10:28 NC St
    10:51 Northwestern
    11:11 Notre Dame
    11:31 Ohio St
    11:52 Oklahoma
    12:10 Oklahoma St
    12:29 Oregon
    12:48 Oregon St
    13:04 Penn St
    13:24 Pitt
    13:43 Purdue
    13:56 Rutgers
    14:14 South Carolina
    14:36 USC
    14:53 Stanford
    15:10 Syracuse
    15:27 Tennessee
    15:43 Texas
    16:01 Texas A&M
    16:19 TCU
    16:40 Texas Tech
    16:56 Utah
    17:13 Vanderbilt
    17:35 Virginia
    17:56 Virginia Tech
    18:17 Wake Forest
    18:33 Washington
    18:54 Washington St
    19:12 West Virginia
    19:27 Wisconsin

  2. “Every College Football Team’s longest play”… Yet you don’t include any team outside of the Power 5..

  3. Ride til I die I'll be a wolverine for life but GOD Damn I refuse to sit through another blown Harbaugh season….. Well hopefully Gattis gets to take control of the offensive side of the ball I'd like to see a more hurry up style approach than that ridiculous 2 Clap terrible count crap

  4. Anyone else notice that Ohio state was in that video a lot and on the wrong side of the ball? I think only Louisville had more 😂

  5. how you gonna say every team in the title then it only be p5 teams…. there are other teams and you just clickbaited this video

  6. Nice vid! Is there any way you can make a version with some non-power 5 schools like UCF and a bunch of others? If you read this, thanks!

  7. You need to fix your title. You DO NOT have every college football team on here. Hell, you don't even have every Division I-A team on here!

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