‘I’m Not Afraid of Anything’: Jayson Tatum Ready to Dominate


Jayson Tatum looks to be on the verge of NBA superstardom, and the 20-year-old is ready for all of it.

“I’m not afraid of anything,” says Tatum.

Tatum knows he and the Boston Celtics have a large bull’s-eye on their backs this season, but he’s not sweating it.


Tatum has grown so much in one NBA season yet knows he has miles to go, on and off the floor. “Sometimes when I’m in my room,” he says, “I still have moments where I’m 20. I’ve probably watched [the dunk on LeBron James] a million times.”

He knows that it’s winning, not highlights, that gets you places. His life is hurtling along faster than he imagined, but the kid insists he can handle it.

“I’m not afraid,” Tatum declares, “of anything.”

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